1. Cancellation and Refund/Return Policy
  2. In case you would like to return a product because of an issue like "Damages/ Malfunctioning Product/ Defective" then it could be returned within 7 days of date of delivery. We would replace it depends on the condition of unopened item in its original packaging.
  3. Listed below are the details of scenarios that lead to refund and the www.koreanshop.in policy pertaining to these refunds.
  4. Reason for Refund
  5. Payment option to which refund will be done
  6. Estimated time for Refund from the date of cancelation
  7. Cancellation of Item
  8. From the same account from which it was paid
  9. 7- 14 Working Days
  10. Damaged item
  11. From the same account from which it was paid
  12. 7- 14 Working Days
  13. Defective or Faulty item
  14. From the same account from which it was paid
  15. 7- 14 Working Days
  16. Lost in transit
  17. From the same account from which it was paid
  18. 7- 14 Working Days
  19. Missing Items or parts
  20. From the same account from which it was paid
  21. 7- 14 Working Days
  22. Return Policy
  23. Prepaid
  24. 3 Working Days
  25. Product Returned because Customer Not Available
  26. Prepaid
  27. 3 Working Days
  28. Product with Customer but Refund Initiated because of product issues
  29. Prepaid
  30. 3 Working Days
  31. While we make all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the product and services reaches you approximately within the timeframe specified in the "terms and conditions" and/or "Fine Print" distributed/enclosed with a deal, time is not of essence in the offers placed through the Site and we are not liable for delayed deliveries.
  32. WWW.KOREANSHOP.IN may revise and/or discontinue products and/or services at any time without notice as part of  WWW.KOREANSHOP.IN‘s policy of on-going product/services up-date and revision. The End User accepts that WWW.KOREANSHOP.IN‘s policy may result in differences between the specification of products delivered to the End User and the specification of products ordered. There may be occasions when WWW.KOREANSHOP.IN confirms orders but learns that it cannot supply the ordered products, either at all or in the quantities ordered such as when the products no longer are being manufactured or they otherwise become unavailable to WWW.KOREANSHOP.IN, or when WWW.KOREANSHOP.IN cannot source components for the configuration ordered, or when there is a pricing error etc. In such circumstances, WWW.KOREANSHOP.IN will contact the End User to agree on a way forward.
  33. Cancellation and Refund Policy
    Returns / Cancellations are handled on a case-by-case basis. Unless there is something wrong with the purchase, we are generally unable to offer refunds for coupons already purchased. If you'd like to discuss canceling a coupon, email us at  HYPERLINK "mailto:koreanshop@hotmail.com" koreanshop@hotmail.com  or talk to our customer support.
    Any disputes as regards delivery, quality, merchantability or suitability of products and/ services must be strictly addressed by the End Users in writing to the Merchant directly. M/S Brics India Trade Pvt Ltd can only assist in co-ordination between the End User and the Merchant and shall have no responsibility for providing any redressal thereof to the End User.