Barley tea 25teabags

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Wheat Noodle (kalguksu) (900g)

Korean handmade knife cut noodles. These noodles are thin flat shapes and have a bouncy texture.

Wheat Noodle (Jungmyeon) 900g


Jungmyeon Wheat Noodles are an oriental stle noodles rich in fibre and proteins

Wheat Noodle(Somyun)(900g)


Somyeon 소면 noodles are a thin, delicate noodle that is made up of wheat flour and salt.

Zipper Bag 18*21 cm(2PC)


This bag is the perfect size for storing foodstuffs .(18*21cm) 2PCS

  •     Made with thick plastic and a tight seal.
  •     Keep food fresh and healthy.