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korean red ginseng powder capsule

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Capsules of Korean Red Ginseng Extract help us build a stronger and more resilient immune system. They support and strengthen the immune system with essential ingredients such as grapeseed oil, lecithin and wheat germ oil. This product stimulates blood circulation and has a very positive effect on mental capacity. It also helps beat fatigue.

korean red ginseng tablet

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100% Korean Red Ginseng tablets made by compressing 6-years-grown Korean Red Ginseng powder into tablet form, making them easier to consume and carry. The tablets are recommended for those looking for 100% pure Korean Red Ginseng.

korean red ginseng powder

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Korean red ginseng powder is a blackish brown viscous liquid with approximately 36% moisture, pH of 4.6 or below, and 70–72°Brix, with water-insoluble materials amounting to 2% or below. Red Ginseng is very popular because it manifests a high testosterone level or energy level.

Hong Sam Won Pouch 50ml*5pc (Korean Red Ginseng Drink)


Korean Red Ginseng Drink is a smooth and refreshing caffeine-free drink made from 6 years grown Korean red ginseng, jujube, cinnamon, and ginger extracts. Ran Korean red ginseng roots are some of the healthiest in the world picked from only top of the line beautiful fertile ginseng plants.

korean red ginseng with pomegranate (10ml*10sticks)

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Korean Red Ginseng, pomegranate extract are blended together to create this tonic. Women's balance is formulated to support the body while undergoing menopause, support the immune system, aid in fatigue recovery, healthy blood circulation, and supports memory functions.

korean red ginseng extract everytime (10ml*10sticks)


Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime 10ml*30ea 100% Korean red ginseng extract is mixed with purified water and conveniently packaged in stick pouch for easy portability. Each pouch contains daily recommended dose of Korean red ginseng (3g) with all the active ingredients preserved.

Ginseng Tea (100T)

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Ginseng tea, or insam-cha (인삼차; 人蔘茶 insam means ginseng and cha means tea in Korean), is a traditional Korean tea made with ginseng. While it is called a tea, ginseng tea does not contain tea leaves. It is a herbal tea infusion made out of the ginseng plant's root.